Chicago History Minute

On April 24, the Armenians in the Chicago community and around the world recognize the events of 1894 and 1909, which many define as the genocide of Turkey's Armenian population.
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History Lectures

Cost: Call 312.799.2162 or e-mail

Duration: 35-45 minutes

Group size: 20 – 40

1968 Democratic Convention

Experience the 1968 Democratic National Convention that the whole world watched. Hear Museum archivist and historian Peter Alter talk about the demonstrations and riots that took place in Chicago during the political convention. See materials from the time period that document that turbulent summer.

Chicago’s Labor History

Many people might be familiar with the major labor events in Chicago’s history, like the Haymarket Affair of the 1880s. The city’s labor history, though, is even richer than that. Hear Museum archivist and historian Peter Alter talk about Chicago’s history of unionization and labor conflict. Also see materials documenting organized labor and work place confrontations. Three weeks advance notice required.

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