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On February 28, 1919, Charles Burroughs was born. With his wife, Margaret Goss Burroughs, he would go on to found the DuSable Museum of African-American history.
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Family Fun at the Chicago History Museum

Make the new Chicago History Museum your family's number-one destination for fun. There's always something new at the Museum to inspire imagination and satisfy young curiosities.

Our exhibition Sensing Chicago invites children of all ages to explore the sights, sounds, and smells of the city. Visit the gallery to:

  • Ride a high-wheel bicycle down a wood-paved street
  • Hear the Great Chicago Fire
  • Catch a fly ball at Comiskey Park
  • Discover history through your nose with our Smell Map
  • Be a Chicago-style hot dog
  • Create an oversized postcard of your favorite sights to post on the gallery wall or e-mail to a friend

Let your senses guide you to other exciting galleries in the Museum!

The Museum makes it fun for families to explore our exhibitions. In addition to our highly acclaimed children’s gallery, families are invited to participate in our History a la Cart interactive gallery stations.

At the stations, kids and their families can:

  • Create, construct, and test their own Chicago-style bridges.
  • Use an oversized map, icons, and first-hand accounts to trace the path of the Great Chicago Fire.
  • Imagine the vastness of the pre-Chicago prairie and investigate the plants that used to grow here.
  • Play with a hands-on model of the John Hancock building to learn the history of the city's skyscrapers.

A variety of stations are available every day. The stations are facilitated by Museum volunteers and staff. Each takes about 20 minutes.

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Free Passes from the Chicago Public Library

Great Kids Museum Passports, which allow families to visit area museums for free, continue to be available at Chicago public libraries. Visit your local library branch or visit the Chicago Public Library website for more details.

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