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In January of 1982, Mayor Jane Byrne passes legislation freezing the exchange of any handguns in the city of Chicago from that date forward –the first city in American to do so.
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The Hidden Life of Artifacts

Grades 3 to 5

Introduce students to historical inquiry through hands-on exploration of artifacts. Each lesson can be adapted for use with objects from any historical era.

Artifact Analysis

In this lesson students will explore and analyze the items in an artifact kit, an important first step in developing historical empathy. The interpretation of these artifacts encourages students to construct their own meaning and ideas about the history that surrounds us.

> Download Artifact Analysis (PDF 287 KB)

Life Story of an Artifact

In this lesson students will write and illustrate the "life story" of an artifact to encourage students to construct their own interpretations of and connections with history.

> Download Life Story of an Artifact (PDF 306 KB)

History Detective: The Case of the Mysterious Trunk

Students will take on the role of "history detective" in their own classroom detective agency to crack the case of the strange artifacts in the mysterious trunk owned by Ms. Nora Nostalgia.

> Download History Detective (PDF 486 KB)

The ABC's of Artifacts

Students will learn the ABC's of historical inquiry by conducting original research about an artifact then writing and illustrating an ABC book as a class.

> Download The ABC's of Artifacts (PDF 286 KB)

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